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Zach's New Setup



Nice one.

Dizzy Boxing

Via Fight Geek : There's something about Japanese game-show television that never gets old. Love it....

Rob Pilger

Boxing trainer, Personal Trainer and Blogger.

Serious jump rope work

For the guy who asked me earlier about the jump-rope video, here's the one I meant. Ross Enamait in action. Superb....

How to do a Cross (punch)

Click here for more on "How To Do A Right Cross Punch In Thai Boxing" Via Fight Geek : a great video demonstration of the cross punch. Enjoy....

Muay Thai : The Art of Fighting

An excellent free ebook on Thai Boxing.

Alan Khan Interview - part II

Jedd points to the second part of his interview [.pdf, 200kb] with undisputed Speed Bag King - Alan Khan. A great read....

Speedbag Swivels

Extremely comprehensive guide on the various types.

Jump Rope Training

Via All Around Strength : If you're looking for a quick, inexpensive and straightforward cardio workout, take a look at Jump Rope Training II (part I). And as you can see in the accompanying video (above), Ross Enamait is...

Riddick Lamont 'Big Daddy' Bowe

Heavyweight boxer Riddick Lamont 'Big Daddy' Bowe. A great athlete....

18th Century Fistfight

A couple of 18th century pugilists (possibly Elizabeth Stokes on the left) at work.

2 New Training Blogs

Mike points to a couple of new arrivals on the training blog scene, both of which are very promising indeed. Sliding Sideways This is Jen's look at both kettlebell and bodyweight training, as well as a bit of nutrition. It's...


Great mix.

Keep Your Arms Up

Great tip.

TGIF : Weekly Round-Up (WE Fri 18 May 07)

A great week here.

Strength and Honour

Vinnie Jones and bare-knuckle boxing. Need I say more? Strength and Honour (trailer [streaming, 8.3mb .mov download])....

A Simple Punching Lesson with Rodney King

Great tips.

Boxing for the Street

Via Napalm's Corner : if you're just starting your journey into the wonderful world of boxing, head over to Boxing for the Street and check out their video tutorials. For a taster, have a look at the speed bag instruction...

Diego 'Chico' Corrales

Boxer Diego 'Chico' Corrales - was tragically killed last night in a motorcycle accident....

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