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Yeehaw : it's the Redneck Games

OK, so running a half-marathon isn't really your thing and the standard assortment of strongman events doesn't quite hit the target either. Perhaps you've just been holding out for Georgia's annual Redneck Games. The Games began as a promotional event...

Big Hairy Armpits

Just one more reason for working out at home. A regular at a Bristol gym has been instructed to wear T-shirts instead of vests as the sight of 'big, hairy armpits' may be offensive to some. This is a guy,...

Seated Half Press

Tonight I stumbled across an exercise that will now form part of my upper body routines - the Seated Half Press. Although it looks like a shoulder exercise, it's actually for the lateral head of the triceps. And a new...

Teaching the Chin-Up

Perfect for upper back development.

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