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Anthony Gatto in Training

A spot of juggling goodness.

Kettlebells in the Pool

UPDATE 04/01/16 : The video below was available when this post was written, but has since been removed by the user. Apologies for that. If you want to make sure you're always kept in the loop when we put new content on this site, subscribe to the RSS feed or grab the weekly Strength & Fitness Newsletter. cheers, Scott No doubt you've seen some kettlebell juggling before, but how about a few kettlebell exercises in the pool? (they're toward the end of the clip above) This is definitely something I'm keen to test out (when it gets warmer, that is - it's Winter here). Anyone else tried it?

Learning to Juggle At Any Age

Juggling. Photo by jayniebell.Via Just Your Average Joggler : the Journal of Neuroscience noted an interesting study this week, relating to the brain changes associated with learning a new skill (specifically juggling) - particularly for those over 50. If you've...

Tim Kelly 3 balls, All the Tricks

Via Just Your Average Joggler : how many ways are there to juggle 3 balls? Tim Kelly finds out. Superb....

TGIF : weekly round-up (WE Fri 13 Jun 08)

A superb week here at Straight to the Bar.

Learn Kettlebell Juggling

Ever been tempted to learn the art of kettlebell juggling? Logan Christopher explains how.

Freestyle Kettlebell Juggling

I suspect we'll see a lot more of this stuff over the next couple of years.


Guinness World Record-holder Owen Morse. Photo via the Bloggling Joggler.Via LIFT : it isn't jogging. It isn't juggling. It's Joggling....

Kettlebell Juggling (Pairs)

Interesting idea.

Making Your Own Gym Equipment : DIY Balls

This month, Run To Win and Straight to the Bar will be looking at the many possibilities when it comes to home-made training equipment. This week, I'll be taking a look at several great conditioning tools - DIY Balls.

The Inch Dumbbell

The history of this incredible piece of equipment.

TGIF : Weekly Round-Up (WE Fri 30 Nov 07)

Another great week here on Straight to the Bar.

A Little Kettlebell Juggling

There's something about kettlebell juggling that instantly puts you in the mood for a KB workout.

Hammer Juggling

Not as easy as it looks.

TGIF : weekly round-up (WE Fri 31 Aug 07)

Another great week here at Straight to the Bar. A few highlights : Articles : Chris Ranck-Buhr takes a brief look at killing vs competition (in combat sports), Chris Shugart discusses a few ways to convert your favourite recipes into...

Jeff Martone demonstrates some kettlebell juggling

Via MarkFu : Jeff Martone demonstrating some kettlebell juggling. Always great to watch....

TGIF : weekly round-up (WE Fri 29 Jun 07)

With the rain continuing, the indoor gym definitely had some attention. Between sessions the following appeared : Articles : Matt Danielsson looked at supplementation for natural bodybuilders, David Ostlund chatted to Chasing Kaz's Ben Hanson about his Venice Beach win...

Juggling the Baby Inch

Love it.

The Passing Zone

Via Dedwarmo : these guys are incredible. Check out the videos (under 'People Juggling'). Superb....

Now this is juggling.

Anthony Gatto at work. Incredible....

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