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A bit of juggling vocabulary from Dedwarmo : Grind [streaming, 588kb .flv download]....

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Cutting Through It

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival kicked off today, and amid the street performers peppering the Royal Mile I saw a bit of chainsaw juggling. Quite impressive. Suitably revved up (yes, I know) I hit the iron on another warm day here (the relative heat usually lasts for around two weeks per year) and followed pretty much the same routine as last week. The only new entrant this time was the Bradford press, which teamed up with the Neider press for a quick shoulder-killing session. Musical inspiration this time came from Matt, who suggested a new album to add to the ever-expanding workout collection - 'Get Born' by Australian band Jet. Good, simple rock. DE BENCH Bench press (explosive) 3x3@45kg, 6x3@47.5kg Bench press (close grip) 4x6@47.5kg Dip 4x10@bw Pull-up (wide grip) / pull-up (medium grip) - supersetted 10,7,5,5 Neider press / Bradford press - supersetted 2x6@20kg Total time : 31 mins

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