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Nails : Converting Imperial to Metric

Ready to begin your nail bending journey? Live in a country where Metric measurements are the norm?

DIY: Home-Made Gym Equipment

Have you ever considered building your own lifting platform? Climbing wall? Stones for Strongman training?

Using Pulse Rate to Determine Rest Break Length

How long do you rest between sets?

Kettlebell Buyers' Guide

About to get started? Great.

It's All About the Diet

The primary goal is weight gain.

How Many Calories Do I Need?

How much do you need to consume in order to lose, gain or maintain things?

Estimating Bodyfat

It's that time of year again. Before setting my health and fitness goals for 2006, I decided to check the status of a few things first. One of these is my current level of bodyfat - last estimated back in...

The Walking Week

Keeping track of steps.

Putting It On Again

In the midst of a very slow bulking process.

How Close is Close?

How narrow should your grip be for 'close grip' work?

Phase 1 Summary

The first 12 weeks of resistance work.

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