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Women and Weight

No, Not the Kind You Worry About, the Kind You Pick Up. Or Should.

29 Things to do with a Barbell in the Corner

Time to get creative.

DIY Equipment Competition : Let the Voting Begin

Ready to make your own? Great.

A Little Yoke Work : 10 Exercises for a Bigger Neck

Whether it's for protection, stability, or simply to look good in a suit - a strong neck's a great thing to have.

Home-Made T-bar rower

Gary Chandler is very much part of the growing network of DIY equipment enthusiasts. His latest creation, a home-made T-bar row machine, is superb. Over to Gary for a few details about its construction : I used an old spin-on...

Quick and Easy Forearm Exerciser

Putting a disused bike to good use.

Adjustable Deadlift, Shrug, Row bar

This is superb. Pat Hodgson (aka 'The Dark Master') has produced plans (complete with a few renderings) for an adjustable deadlift/shrug/row bar. As all three of these exercises rate highly on my list of 'fun things to do in the...

Entries for the Home-Made Equipment Competition

The official list.

Workout Gear - Music

This is the fourth part [see parts 1,2 and 3] of this month's collaboration with Run to Win's Blaine Moore on workout audio; looking at just a few of the options available for listening to music whilst working out. Whether...

Isometric Holds for the MMA Athlete

Joe DeFranco briefly discusses the importance of isometric holds for MMA athletes. If you're unfamiliar with the concept, these essentially involve holding a weight still at a point during an exercise - usually when the target muscle is already partially...

Setting Up A Home Gym

Ready to get started? Great.

Push-ups, Face pulls and Shrugs

This is a superb article. When was the last time you tried push-ups with chains? Overhead shrugs? In fact, there are many, many great ideas in there. Definitely one to bookmark....

Bars, Plates, Hooks and Collars

The Heart of The Home Gym.

Glossary - Strength Training Equipment

What does it all do?

Getting to Grips with the Hang Clean

The Hang Clean is a deceptively simple exercise. As you'll no doubt have ascertained if you've ever watched someone attempt one, timing is everything. Actually, a bit of practice doesn't go unwanted either. I began doing these as part of...

Somewhere Between 3 and 4

Is it safe to come out yet?

Biphasic Sleep : Day 18

90 minutes proved quite enough.

Rack Pulls, Shrugs and Other Fun Things

Ready for a challenge?

First Week of Workouts on Biphasic Sleep

Pigeon.After a week on the biphasic routine, I was more than a little keen to see what the workouts were like.

The Week That Was - Magic 50 Take II

The adaptation phase of the biphasic sleeping test.

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