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Chin-ups and a Few Other Things

Missing a scheduled deadlift workout?

Seiza me

With my less-than-perfect squat form in mind this week, on came the gradually increasing sessions of stretching, calf work and attempts at re-learning Seiza. Friday I've decided to shift Friday's training focus slightly to relearning the squat. This includes copious...

Volume Before New Maxes

Same weights, more volume.

Now, What Were Those PRs Again?

Ah, it's great to have the rack set up again. Aside from a few celebratory chin-ups on completion of its assembly, tonight's workout was a pretty simple one - just to get back into the swing of things. First cab off the rank - rack pulls. These were done with a conventional stance and a double-overhand grip (I think I'll keep using this grip until the weights get heavy enough to demand something else), and were from just below knee height. Enough to notice, not enough to be in pain for a week. Tomorrow's challenge will be to come up with a routine which blends the bodyweight, Total Gym, kettlebell and rack work; most likely based around a fairly standard Westside 4-day per week template. Gorilla chin 10@bw Rack pull (double overhand, below knee) 2x10@60/132, 2x8@80/176, 2x5@100/225 Shrug 2x10@100/225 Hanging knee raise 2x10@bw

And it's only Tuesday

This week's shaping up to be a busy one. With yesterday's workout unfortunately being sacrificed to the God of Time, today's was back to full-force benching. The combination of a cold day and waking with a stiff neck prompted a...

Overhead Shrug Test

Just a quick one today - several hours of digging convinced me to leave the main stuff until tomorrow morning. I've never tried these, however a recent mention on T-nation (a much older description here, as well as a few...

All in the Wrist

Return of the Zottman Curl.


Another brief session - at least the garage gym part. I was made painfully aware of a minor wrist sprain whilst doing shrugs, and elected to switch to some ab work in the soothing warmth of the house. Is it...

Hypertrophy Routine

6 brief sessions per week.

Shelf building

After yesterday's aborted squat workout, I decided to change a couple of things and switch the focus to the idea of building a shelf for the bar to rest on. The first thing was the setup of the squat itself...

Breaking it up

One of the changes I intend to make this year is a better integration of resistance and bodyweight training. In order to do this I'll first break the workouts up into smaller components, as well as squeezing in brief bodyweight...


Public holidays make you realise just how nice it is to have a home gym. With most of the surrounding area resembling a ghost town, I popped into the garage for a quick bench session. Bench press 4×20@20/44 Bench press...

Slightly heavier

Still easing back into things, today's session was a little heavier at least (enough for a couple of PRs, so I guess I'm not taking it as easy as I thought). Using a similar grip width throughout, today's lucky contestants...

Warm Hands, Cold Bar

Yesterday I decided to grab myself a hot water bottle as a temporary hand warmer for the garage. After all, it's only the iron that gets really cold overnight. Instead I ended up grabbing a small heat pack; dropping it into boiling water for a few minutes heats up the gel inside for about an hour. Perfect for a winter workout.

Music For Therapy

Music certainly makes a difference in workouts (as anyone who's ever tried lifting weights to a bit of Britney Spears would know - don't ask). My brother has always had a heavier taste in music - the stuff I now work out to is the stuff he's listened to/performed for years - and his latest recommendation was Chimaira. Perfect.


Looks like the weight's about right.


It looks as though Edinburgh's recent spate of good weather has come to an abrupt end. Whilst the rain continued to soak the outside world, it was time to do a little deadlift speed work. This week the deads were...

Power Shrug

The Power Shrug (aka Jump Shrug) is about as close as I ever come to the world of Olympic Weightlifting. It's basically a combination of a slight jump and a shrug. The movement is made of two basic parts - the dip and the rip. The dip involves a slight bending of the knees and a lowering of the bar (under control); the rip is somewhat more violent, involving the straightening of ankles, knees and hips as well as a shrug. Timing is key, and its an art I've yet to master.

Dip 'n' Rip

With the traps not complaining at all after monday's light going over, it was back to the deadlift program. This week - week 5 - saw the introduction of the Power Shrug.

Back to 4 Days per Week

I've decided to switch back.

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