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I don't really want to use the word stuck, however my bench press has been increasing with glacial slowness lately. If I stand back far enough I can just see it. Just. Fortunately all of the other lifts in the...

The First Year

From zero to 'healthy obsession'.

Back to the Fray

A return to the bench.

Still on the Floor

Nice and brief.

On the Floor

Making the shift towards the Westside-style ME Bench day.

Back on the Bench

Time for a ME day.

Lying down again

This time at least it's on the bench, under the comfort of a loaded barbell. It's good to be hitting the weights once again. I've decided to switch the training routine back to the 3 day approach; following the pattern...

New Routine

Down to 3 sessions per week.

Off the Cuff

Come fly with me.

Not Quite Cardio

No pain, max single.

Raising the Reps

So far, so good.

You load 16 tons and what do you get?

Apart from excellent GPP that is. Prior to heading out for celebrations (of the 'another day older', not the 'deeper in debt') came a fairly intense ME BENCH workout. Fun stuff. Worked up to a new Floor Press PR of...

On the Floor Again

Not much space down there.

Fear of the Squat

Now, where's that box?

Introducing the Hise Shrug

Always on the lookout for new exercises and variations to add to my routines, today I stumbled across the little-used Hise Shrug. Invented by 'the father of American weight training' Joseph Curtis Hise - who is perhaps best known for...

Slowly, Slowly

Tantalisingly close.


Fell asleep in the middle of a set? Yep.


Elbow flaring in action.


Continuing the theme of consistency - at least as far as the max exercise is concerned - I began today's session with some incline bench pressing. Still looking for the optimal series of triples/doubles/singles when working up to a maximum...

How Close is Close?

How narrow should your grip be for 'close grip' work?

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