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Back Under the Bar

I arrived back in Edinburgh yesterday afternoon, far too tired following four separate flights (just over 36 hours' total transit) to contemplate hitting the weights prior to a good night's sleep in a bed. Still haven't mastered the art of...

Old Habits Die Hard

Old habits die hard. Whilst doing a little web work this morning I was inspired to consume a cup or two of coffee. Having moved from a regular 8-10 cups per day to around 1-2 per month - a pretty drastic change by any standards - I was more than a little shaky after downing 3 strong cups in about 10 minutes. I knew I'd overdone it slightly when songs like Motörhead's 'Ace of Spades' seemed slow.

Getting the Hang of It...Slowly

To make up for Sunday's inadvertent max, I switched to a dynamic workout today. Dynamic it certainly was.

Introducing The Great Zottman

Philadelphia strongman in the 1880s/1890s.

The Return

Apart from managing to shed 3kg whilst hiking around The Netherlands for a week, my recent trip suggested working on two main areas : calf muscles and upper back. There's nothing quite like a solid week of backpacking to point out weaknesses.


The comforts of lifting at home.

Off the Floor

Intent on squeezing every last drop of potential out of the cage, I decided to test the mid-range of my bench press with a little help from my new friend the Floor Press. As you've no doubt guessed from the name, this is just a flat bench press done whilst lying on the floor; preventing your upper arms from moving past horizontal as the bar is lowered.

Just a Quickie

At least it felt like that. It was an arms day, and I used the same weight throughout most of the routine, which was the same as last week with a slight rearrangement of exercises.

An arms race

I followed a similar pattern to last week, and once again the lack of constant plate-handling meant that this was a fast session. It went something like : Alternating lateral raise 10/10/10 Alternating shoulder press 10/10/10 Overhead shrug 10/10/10 Cross...

The Arms Are Getting Longer

Well, the routine is. A couple of minor changes from last week, in addition to the fact that I decided to video much of the session to check form, meant that it was a bit of a long one. This...

A Call to Arms

Yes, today was most certainly an arms day; with everything from the shoulders down to the fingertips getting a go. More on the pinch-gripping in a moment. First the routine : Quick ab workout - crunches and pikes, supersetted, 4...

Weights Arrive

A great workout.

Week 5 of Weights

This week I reduced the daily cycling warm-up to 10 minutes, and added short (20 min) routines for legs and abs - 3 days per week each. I've also removed the ab exercises from the Sunday weights routine as they are now covered in these short routines.

Nearly a Month In

A bit of fine-tuning.

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