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Marathon Kettlebell Swinging

Kettlebell Swing.For me, the humble kettlebell swing is usually part of a warmup (especially for squats and sumo deads). A recent post by Dustin Silveri has me considering its potential for strength endurance - just how many swings can you knock off in one hour?


Russian champions George Hackenshmidt and [Stanislav?] Eliseev....

An Extra Dose of Muscle Mass

Chad Waterbury sets up a great trio of mass-building articles on T-Nation this week, with the lines : Raise your hand if you don't want more muscle mass. Anybody? Yeah, that's what I thought. If you find yourself nodding sagely...

Buyers' Guide : the Power Rack

The core of the gym.

TGIF : Weekly Round-Up (WE Fri 1 Jun 07)

Another fantastic week here on Straight to the Bar; the DIY competition entries are in, now it's time to vote for your favourite. Also on the playlist :

DIY Equipment Competition : Let the Voting Begin

Ready to make your own? Great.

Workouts for the Time-Poor

The latest edition of Mike Mahler's newsletter contains a great article by the one-and-only Mistress Krista (OK, there's another one) on workouts for the time-poor. If you identify with the character on the right in the recent Randy Glasbergen cartoon,...

Pistol Squat Video

Great exercise.

Indispensable Lifts

The core of many a program.

Altering Barbell Kinetics

Dr Daniel Baker - strength coach for Rugby League team Brisbane Broncos - has written a superb mini-ebook on the many methods they use to enhance power development. The best part? It's free....

Heavy Sandbag Training : Part II


A Little Yoke Work : 10 Exercises for a Bigger Neck

Whether it's for protection, stability, or simply to look good in a suit - a strong neck's a great thing to have.

TGIF : weekly round-up (WE Fri 25 May 07)

Another great week here on Straight to the Bar; the fun just keeps coming : Articles : Dr Fuhrman notes the benefits of growing your own food (especially when you have kids), Mehdi takes a look at Hans Selye's Stress...

How to Squat with the Safety Squat Bar

Great tutorial.

The Hack Squat

Wonderful exercise.

The Asian Squat

Tom Furman points to a superbly funny look at the relative merits of traditional Asian and Western squatting techniques. It's a great film....

Observing the Masters

Strong to the Core's Jeff Fields ponders the innate training ability of toddlers. For some great exercise inspiration - as well as to see great squat technique - simply watch a 2-year-old at play. Take notes....

Use what you've got

Via Royce's Rants : Outdoor training in Ghana. The heat certainly isn't an excuse....

Starting Your Fitness Journey : 10 Things to Consider

Ready to transform yourself? Perfect.

Home-Made T-bar rower

Gary Chandler is very much part of the growing network of DIY equipment enthusiasts. His latest creation, a home-made T-bar row machine, is superb. Over to Gary for a few details about its construction : I used an old spin-on...

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