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San Juan Swan

Conditioning, martial arts and trail running.

Bars, Plates, Hooks and Collars

The Heart of The Home Gym.

Virtual Meet

A 'Geographically dispersed powerlifting meet'.

Glossary - Strength Training Equipment

What does it all do?

Dumbbells vs Kettlebells (DB vs KB)

Dumbbells.Kettlebell.There's an interesting discussion on the Dragon Door forums on the merits of dumbbells vs kettlebells. Here are some of the subtle differences when training with these superb tools.

From the Archives

A few highlights.

TGIF : weekly round-up

This week on Straight to the Bar : 12 factors that affect recovery : A great summary of Dr Fred Hatfield's list. Workout locations - the beach : Tired of the gym? Looking for something a little different? Read on....

Going Deeper in the Squat

Jack Reape has a great article on increasing squat depth - no matter which Powerlifting federation you favour. Amid the great advice is this : I highly recommend a drill that my friend Pavel Tsatsouline teaches in his Strength Stretching...

12 Factors that Affect Recovery

Danny O'Dell's* latest newsletter lists 12 factors that affect recovery, according to Dr Fred Hatfield. These are : The larger muscles take longer to recover than do smaller ones. Bigger muscle groups take longer than do smaller muscle groups. Predominantly...

Video: Ove Lehto record squat

Via Powerlifting Watch : video [streaming, 3.1mb .flv download via KeepVid] of Finnish superheavyweight Ove Lehto's record squat. 425 kg (935 lb) of fun....

TGIF : weekly round-up

Another great week here.

Blast from the Past : Dr Deadlift

Dr Squat (Fred Hatfield) takes a nostalgic look at the 903 lb deadlift of Doyle Kenady 20 years ago, with a reprint of an article from Vol 10.4 of Powerlifting USA.

7 Conditiong Secrets of Successful Combat Athletes

Looking at several fantastic training methods.

TGIF : weekly round-up

In this, my first week on a Mac, more than a few things appeared here on Straight to the Bar. Some highlights : Charles Staley was doing thrusters and chins. A great combination. I looked at 20 of the best...

How Much Weight for Jumping Squats?

Ian Middleton takes a very interesting look [.pdf, 160kb] at the determination of weight to be used in sets of jumping squats. Among the questions asked (and answered) : should the athlete's bodyweight be included in calculations? can the Smith...

Twenty Things I Know

20 snippets of wisdom from Mike Boyle. To get things rolling : Often I would come to the gym, warm-up, do one heavy set of squats and leave. In the process, I got very strong. The process was simple. Have...

TGIF: weekly round-up

As summer approaches, things here at Straight to the Bar just keep getting hotter. If you've just joined us, take a look at these. Off season rugby training. Ashely Jones takes a look at rugby training from a couple of...

305kg Front Box Squat

Here's a quick video link [.wmv, 1.9mb] showing the strength of the Front Squat Harness - a 305/672 front box squat. Not bad at all.

The Best Exercises

Dan John's a funny man. If you're in any doubt, the following from his latest T-Nation piece should clear things up: The young people reading this should know that all the following are bad for you: squats, bench presses, deadlifts,...

Overload Kettlebell Presses

Pavel Tsatsouline.The current issue of Hard Style [.pdf, 8.6mb] contains an interesting excerpt from Enter the Kettlebell on Overload Presses. This looks at 3 ways to work up to military pressing a heavier kettlebell than the one you're used to using.

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