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More Finger Lifting Fun

When the chain breaks before your finger, you know it's a good day. 'Unbreakable' Adam Glass....

The Bodyweight Aficionado's Guide to Gear

A few extras that can add a whole lot of possibilities.

Alternating Pistols on the Jungle Gym

Steve Maxwell demonstrates another great exercise - Alternating Pistols on the Jungle Gym. Nice one.

Planar Training

Fitness anywhere any time. Photo via soldiersmediacenter.Laree Draper points to an article on planar training by Fitness Anywhere's Frank Quelch. A good read....

Suspended Hand Walks

Very interesting idea.

Atomic Push Up

This looks great - the Atomic Push Up. No suspension trainer? Why not make one.

DIY Hanging Handles

Psuedo "Rings".

Suspended Training

Short-lived fitness fad or a great way to enliven workouts? Tracy Fober seems to be leaning towards 'fad'....

Bottom Squat

The bottom, or bottom-up squat (sometimes called 'dead stop squat') is simply a squat performed starting from the lowest position. This is usually done in a power rack from pins that mean your thighs are horizontal.

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