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Return of the Zercher Dead

Ab work, pull-throughs & one-handed rack pulls. And of course some Zercher deadlifts.

Quick Z-Test

Up 20kg.

Slow Like Honey

With the current sprain repairing itself with frustrating slowness (at least it's moving in the right direction) I decided to avoid any trap movements or any exercise involving a bar across my back. As this ruled out both deadlifts and...

Zercher Squat

Great exercise.

Back to 4 Days per Week

I've decided to switch back.

The First Year

From zero to 'healthy obsession'.

New Routine

Down to 3 sessions per week.

...And Relax

One of the draining variety.

Let's Twist Again

A certified quad-beater.

Feeling woozy

A squatting session often seems to generate feelings of nausea; particularly when it occurs too soon after lunch. Today, however, I started to experience that wonderful feeling even in the warmup sets - by the time I reached 75kg in...

Bringing the year to a close

For the past few days things have gradually been moving into position for Hogmanay celebrations here. Temporary fences have been erected along footpaths, roads blocked and prime positions marked for viewing the concerts and fireworks displays in the Princes St...

Walking Out

Reducing the number of steps.

Short and Sweet

Reduced weights, respectable timeframe.

Zercher... Seek and Destroy!

The past week has been a combination of ridiculous hours, lack of sleep, stress and sporadic doses of attempted relaxation. Unfortunately this combination has seen the past few scheduled workouts skipped, as a 4am training session immediately following a long...

Westside Dead Lift Secrets

The importance of the fundamentals.

Back to School : Squatting 102


Squat or Deadlift?

A little fine-tuning.

Back to School : Squatting 101

Back to basics.

Revenge of the Zercher Deadlift

Walking like John Wayne.

The Zercher Deadlift

Zercher Deadlift.Wow.

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