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Missing in Action

Lost somewhere in Glasgow.

Easy on the Elbows

Zercher time again.

Going Behind the Back

As my hamstrings are yet to entirely forgive me for last friday's assault, today's session was a quad-centric affair. Having recently sampled the simple delight of the Hack squat I figured I should get an idea of my current maximum before I churn out too many sets. Beginning the lift is perhaps the hardest part of these - especially once the weight starts to increase - and I can see myself doing a few behind-the-back deadlifts just to get used to it. Frustratingly, the fun ended shortly before arrival at the 100kg mark. With the quads nicely warmed, it was time for a few sets of Zercher squats and low step-ups. Keeping the Zercher theme I followed these with some Zercher Good Mornings; which always feel a lot more natural than the standard barbell Good Morning. Once again, the abs had the pleasure of bringing the workout to a close; this time with a combination of crunches and kneeling plate twists.

Getting a Few Zs

A bit of Zercher love.

Back to the Front

A leg raise or three.

Quicker off the Box

Box Squats. They're taking a bit more getting used to than I'd hoped, but after moving through 11 reasonably quick sets (most of them triples) it's starting to feel a bit more natural sitting down in the middle of a movement.

Zercher Inspirations

Unusual, but highly effective.

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