Convert Pounds to Kilos, and Kilos to Pounds

Straight to the Bar uses a mix of pounds and kilos to express the amount of weight being lifted, dragged, flipped or pushed. With contributors from around the world, this is hardly surprising.

However, if you're not quite sure how many lbs equals a kg (or vice-versa), there's a quick way to find out. Head over to Google (or use the converter in the sidebar) and type something like :

45lb in kg

Just change the numbers (or flip the whole thing around) to work out other amounts.

Here are a few more examples :

16kg in lb
9 stones in kg
30 ounces in grams

As you can see, it's pretty flexible. Enjoy.

Incidentally, if you’d like to discuss any of the stuff above, come and join us on the Straight to the Bar Community over on Google+. Absolutely free.