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  1. Bodyweight training

  2. Half Marathon post race report

    Well this past weekend I ran my first half marathon in Kansas City. If you missed it I ran the North Face Endurance Challenge race. It was a great event, a lot of people showed up all weekend to include Dean Karnazes, he hosted the event and had a fun run on Sunday for the kids. It was only 1K in length but cool...

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  3. Headed to Kansas City for Half Marathon

    Well I'm done working for the week and headed to Kansas City in the morning with my family for some fun and then more fun on Sunday when i compete in my first half marathon. I have run this distance before but never raced in any event running for that matter. Should be fun and a great experiance. Its the North Face Endurance Challenge. I seen the list of people running this weekend and there are thousands of people there so should be fun. I'll post more later but hope you have a great weekend! ...
  4. Mizuno Wave Enigma Running shoes review

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    I’ve been gone training for a while but I’ve got a great new pair of shoes for you guys to try out if your in to running. I got a pair of Mizuno’s brand new line of shoes the Wave Enigma. These shoes are the newest member of Mizuno’s neutral collection and are Smooth Ride Engineered with a blown rubber forefoot outsole design for cushioning and flexibility. These just came out July 5th and I have been using them since. I have a gait that makes me land midsole of ...

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  5. The Bread and Butter for the Strength Coach

    In last week’s blog, I wrote about the importance of having a systematic way of applying progressive overload.

    One of the more advanced considerations on progressive overload is that HOW you apply progressive overload is specific to the outcome variable of the training program.

    Two blogs ago, I showed a three step combination exercise to be used in the ISS block.

    Here is an example of a method variation, designed for the ISS block.

    Method ...
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