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PRs (Personal Records)

  1. Floral Apron Adventures: Part 33

    I'm still here to annoy you all. Sucked in! haha
    Still training.... still enjoying it...... still training hard.
    My mission to dump the 3kg has not been so successful.
    I know I can do it when I really put my mind to it....
    But my mind is not in it at the present time.
    Half the time I want it, then the other half I look at myself & know I'm not in bad shape and then think BLAH! Mind games
    Anyway, I'm sad to report my IPhone is dead.
    So I can't backdate ...
  2. Floral Apron Adventures: Part 27

    I'm still alive! Whoa! Life has been crazy. Busy. Expensive. Up. Down. All around. One thing that has been constant has been the gym, although I know I have been bad and not updated very much. I hope to turn that around now.

    Rather that bore you all with the last few weeks, I'll just update that I hit a PB in single arm suitcase DL (10 reps x 40kg/88lb -PB by 5kg/11lb). Doesn't sound like much, but try picking up a barbell by your side with one arm (trying to balance it in the middle) ...
  3. Floral Apron Adventures: Part 16

    Friday 12th Feb 2010
    Chest / Tri's / Abs

    Bench Press with DB's
    12x 25s, 10x 35s, 8 x 45s, 5x 50s (Right arm fail, just couldn't get comfy on the bench), 7 x 50s (=PB)

    Incline Bench with DB's (1 min rest period)
    12 x 30s x 2 sets, 35s x 10, 35s x 8 x 2 sets

    10 reps x 15lb DBs, 20lb DBs x 2 sets x 10 reps

    Dips, assisted
    10 x plate #8, 10 x plate# 6,
    10 reps x plate #5 (PB by 3 reps), #5 x 9 reps, plate# ...
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