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Straight to the Bar - Entries for September 2010 - Training Logs
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  1. Floral Apron Adventures: Part 36

    Busy old day here. Only just managed a very small workout.
    Partial DL's @ 22 inch height.
    A few sets. Best set at 222.4lb (101.9kg) x 10 reps (called it a night here)
    Other that that, 100 pushups today on Day 12 (more to come tonight)
    MONTHLY TOTAL: 1852.
    Thoracic vertebra feeling jammed up. Pecs tight as all hell. Tri's shredded.
  2. Floral Apron Adventures: Part 35

    '3000 Pushups in 30 Days' Challenge.
    Current Stats:
    Over 1/2 way!
    Day 10 complete.
    Daily total: 206.
    Monthly total: 1608.
    Remaining: 1392.
    Avg/day remaining: 81.88.

    Yesterday was bench day and even with all the pushups, I managed a PB for reps, improving by 3 reps.
    Flat bench PB 5 reps using 2x55lb dumbells
    Next week I plan on trying out the 60lb DB's for the first time ever and ...
  3. Floral Apron Adventures: Part 34

    Slack old GG reporting for blog duties. It's been a while between posts. In good news, my iPhone has been replaced & all music & apps restored, but photos have gone west. Have an iPhone? Learn from my mistake.... back it up... OFTEN! So, it's back to recording workouts (and trying to enter them in here).

    Since my last blog entry, I've attended 2 Strongman Competitions as a spectator. I'm quite taken by the sport and very keen to begin some Strongman Training. It may not lead to competition. ...
    Training Logs
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