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  1. Floral Apron Adventures: Part 27

    I'm still alive! Whoa! Life has been crazy. Busy. Expensive. Up. Down. All around. One thing that has been constant has been the gym, although I know I have been bad and not updated very much. I hope to turn that around now.

    Rather that bore you all with the last few weeks, I'll just update that I hit a PB in single arm suitcase DL (10 reps x 40kg/88lb -PB by 5kg/11lb). Doesn't sound like much, but try picking up a barbell by your side with one arm (trying to balance it in the middle) ...
  2. Floral Apron Adventures: Part 26


    Bike 10mins

    DB Snatch 10 reps each side x 10kg, 12.5kg, 15kg (33lb), 15kg, 12.5kg

    Suitcase DL's 10 reps each side x 25kg, 30kg, 35kg (77lb)

    Single arm DB press (swiss ball) 10 reps each side x 10kg, 12.5kg, 12.5kg, 10kg

    Leg press 15 x 50kg, 15 x 100kg, 12 x 150kg, 10 x 160kg (352lb)

    Seated calve 20 x 25kg, 20 x 35kg, 15 x 40kg (88lb)

    Superset Leg Extension 10 x 35kg, 10 reps x 40kg
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  3. Floral Apron Adventures: Part 25

    [SIZE="3"]Gym Adventures 9/4/2010

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  4. Floral Apron Adventures: Part 24

    Hi Peeps!

    I'll call this entry Part 24, although it could well be part 25. I had a back & bi's workout on Tuesday but have not added it. General gist of it was chin-ups, pull-downs, t-bar rows, pulley rows, DB bicep curls, hammer curls & 3 sets of narrow-grip BB curls (21's) ARGH. It was a great workout, resulting in sore lats, sore bi's & sore brachialis. Overall: GOOD!

    It's school holidays at the moment and 'me' times are few and far between. Was just about to head
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  5. Floral Apron Adventures: Part 22 - 23

    Well, yesterday, Friday 26th March, was my planned day for training legs and off I went to the gym. But I was not in a good mood and my heart was just not in it, so I wussed out of my workout. Naughty naughty I know. Slap my 'flat' behind! LOL. I still worked hard but only did cardio. I switched it up between the bike, stepper and the elliptical to break the monotony. I also only did 10minutes of that on the elliptical as any more makes me feet go numb. It's an ongoing problem. I'm not sure if it's ...
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