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  1. Floral Apron Adventures: Part 26


    Bike 10mins

    DB Snatch 10 reps each side x 10kg, 12.5kg, 15kg (33lb), 15kg, 12.5kg

    Suitcase DL's 10 reps each side x 25kg, 30kg, 35kg (77lb)

    Single arm DB press (swiss ball) 10 reps each side x 10kg, 12.5kg, 12.5kg, 10kg

    Leg press 15 x 50kg, 15 x 100kg, 12 x 150kg, 10 x 160kg (352lb)

    Seated calve 20 x 25kg, 20 x 35kg, 15 x 40kg (88lb)

    Superset Leg Extension 10 x 35kg, 10 reps x 40kg
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  2. Floral Apron Adventures: Part 25

    [SIZE="3"]Gym Adventures 9/4/2010

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  3. Floral Apron Adventures: Part 24

    Hi Peeps!

    I'll call this entry Part 24, although it could well be part 25. I had a back & bi's workout on Tuesday but have not added it. General gist of it was chin-ups, pull-downs, t-bar rows, pulley rows, DB bicep curls, hammer curls & 3 sets of narrow-grip BB curls (21's) ARGH. It was a great workout, resulting in sore lats, sore bi's & sore brachialis. Overall: GOOD!

    It's school holidays at the moment and 'me' times are few and far between. Was just about to head
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  4. Floral Apron Adventures: Part 22 - 23

    Well, yesterday, Friday 26th March, was my planned day for training legs and off I went to the gym. But I was not in a good mood and my heart was just not in it, so I wussed out of my workout. Naughty naughty I know. Slap my 'flat' behind! LOL. I still worked hard but only did cardio. I switched it up between the bike, stepper and the elliptical to break the monotony. I also only did 10minutes of that on the elliptical as any more makes me feet go numb. It's an ongoing problem. I'm not sure if it's ...
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  5. Floral Apron Adventures: Part 21

    Hello People!

    I'm still alive. I've been working out still. Just not finding enough time in the day to do ALL the things I want to do. Looking after 2 young kids, being a domestic goddess and a wife are not as easy as they sound. And footy season is underway, so television time has increased and work ethic has diminished! LOL.

    Anyway, it's been some time since I've updated my blog and if I try and backdate my workouts now, I'll be here forever. So, I think what I'll ...
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