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How to Defeat the Warped Wall on Ninja Warrior

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The warped wall is a big curved wall that defeated many ninja warrior contestants in the first stage of this insane obstacle course. Here is a calculated approach toward defeating this ninja warrior obstacle.

Practice at a skate park. Running up and down the full and half pipes at a skate park will simulate running up the actual warped wall on the ninja warrior course.

Do 3-4 sets of stair jumps 3 times a week. Stand still in front of a stair case. Jump up as many stairs as you can at a time for each repetition. Jump 8-12 times per set.

Build your leg muscles. This can be done at the gym or with your own body weight. The one-legged squat or machine leg press is a sure way to build jumping power.

Lose weight. How are you going to jump high enough to get over the warped wall if you’re fat? You’re not.

Wear shoes with good grip. I would suggest a good pair of rock climbing shoes.

Just a few extra tips:

Warm up and stretch before you begin your ninja warrior training

Be sure to rest a muscle one to two days before training it again

Make sure you can get past the obstacles leading up to the warped wall, or you may never get your chance

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