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Scott Bird. Artwork by Vince Palko.
Yes, I love the deadlift.
If you’ve just joined us, welcome. Here you’ll find everything that grunts, groans and ticks in the world of strength training. In short, this site is the home of all things strength.

I love researching, collecting and generally surrounding myself with Iron-Game History. The equipment and feats of Old-Time Strongmen, Circus Performers, Professional Athletes and a great deal more.

Here’s a collection of some of my favourite pieces from the strength-training super site Straight to the Bar : A History of Strength.


NB : as you’ve doubtless noticed, the lists above are only of the most recent articles & photos on the site. Here’s the entire collection.

Like to contribute something? I love hearing about how other people are training; if you’d like to write an article, record a video or tell us about a site you’ve discovered, get in touch.

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