Images Used on Straight to the Bar

The images used on this site come from a number of sources. These are :

1,500lb rack pull
Yes, that's a 1,500lb rack pull. Incredible.


There are two images currently used in the header for this site :

Greatly appreciated guys, cheers.

Sieg Klein
Siegmund Klein demonstrating Exercise #4 in his Super Physique course.


These come from a number of sources; notably Flickr (those which have been licensed for this purpose). The remainder are either sent in from readers, my own, or purchased for use with a particular story.


There are several images used in the sidebar for this site, notably :

We talk about The 'In The Wild' photos in the 'T-Shirt' section below. As for The 'Images of Strength' :

These are from the 'photos' category, shown randomly throughout the site. You can see all of them here.

If you'd like to point us to one you've seen elsewhere (no watermarks please), drop us a line and send us the URL. We'll add as many as we can.

NB : wherever possible, we ask the original photographer if it's OK to re-publish their work. If you know who that is (or it's one of your own images), just let us know. Cheers.


As long-term readers will attest, we've commissioned a number of T-Shirt designs over the years looking at the world of training from a number of angles. One-off designs for specific events, as well as those designed for more general wear.

You'll find the current collection here.

Note that :

Wallpapers & 'Phone Backgrounds

Now it's over to you - time to show us your design skills.

We love seeing (and using!) your strength-related images as backgrounds for various computers and mobile devices. If you've got a design you'd love to share with the superb audience here, just save it in the various sizes used by different devices (we've got a couple of examples to show you what they are), upload them somewhere and send us a link. We'll share them on the main site, on Google+ and so on.

Other Merchandise

During my own workouts, I like to keep track of what I'm doing - notably the exercises, weights and reps - using a simple spreadsheet on an iPhone. It's not necessarily any better or worse than the typical pencil & paper notebook combination; it's just what I like using.

If you're the same, check out some of the iPhone Cases & Skins my brother Glenn has designed. Beautiful.

The 'Looking At' Articles

These articles summarise the various things we've been discussing during the week - on Google+, Twitter and the blog itself. It's a great way to keep up-to-date with the world of strength training.

The image is a photo I took at the Echo Point lookout in Katoomba, next to the Three Sisters. If you're planning a visit to Sydney, Australia, Echo Point is well worth a look. Great place.

(btw, if you're looking for 'Things to see in Sydney, Australia', here are a few other places to check out. )

Incidentally, if you’d like to discuss any of the stuff above, come and join us on the Straight to the Bar Community over on Google+. Absolutely free.