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Scott Bird. Artwork by Vince Palko.
Yes, I love the deadlift.
Welcome to Straight to the Bar. As you've doubtless noticed, in addition to the main site is a Community on Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Wherever you are, a daily dose of strength isn't all that far away.

To help run all of these sites, we're on the lookout for several new Moderators. To welcome new community members, bring up new items to discuss and generally keep the conversations on track.

If you're already spending a bit of time at any of the above sites, and would like to offer your services as a Moderator, just drop us a line below. And thanks for that, it really is appreciated.

Contact either :

'Captain' Kirk Fontaine, Community Manager ( )


Scott Andrew Bird, Editor, Straight to the Bar ( )

Thanks again. Look forward to hearing from you.

Incidentally, if you’d like to discuss any of the stuff above, come and join us on the Straight to the Bar Community over on Google+. Absolutely free.