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Must Have Tools and Equipment for the Field Sport Athlete

This is an accompaniment to Twitterchat 97 – Training for Football : AFL.

I thought I would share a few items that I have used for myself and my footy athletes to keep them strong and as injury free as possible.
Some cost a couple bucks and some cost nothing. Nonetheless they are all hyper valuable items that have definitely made a huge impact upon my playing career.
If you have been playing for any period of time you’ll usually have run into a
handful of problems and below are the tools that I have used to fix most of these.
Problems :
— Separated Shoulders
— Pulled Torn Hamstrings
— Osetisis Pubis
— Cramping
— Back Pain Irritation
— Grand Final Level Performance

TRX — absolutely awesome tool for rehabbing shoulders and building critical upper back strength; also has great value for advanced core workouts, single leg strengthening, and stretching/opening up hips and shoulder joints.
Ultimate Sandbag — these are the absolute best tool for building full body strength and fitness; especially when it comes to developing unilateral strength, power, and anaerobic endurance with a microscopic learning curve.
I would recommend athletes have a strength pack.
Training Video

Kettlebell(s) — the kettlebell has probably made the biggest difference in my playing career and longevity.
I used to constantly pull/tear hamstring muscles after implementing a steady diet of swings and single leg RDLs – these injuries have basically disappeared. Also great tools for doing non-foot impact conditioning as well as when used with get-up drills great loaded mobility for athlete. I personally get my kettlebells now from Christian’s Fitness Factory – really great product and price with great service and people to back it. I would recommend athletes have 1 heavy kettlebell 24-32kg and 2 light kettlebells 12-16kg.
Vibram 5 Fingers Shoes — I have just added these in the last year or so and nothing has more quickly ‘activated‘ on turned on my posterior chain (this muscle that make your run fast, cut sharper, harder to tackle, and kick further) you can do all the soft tissue and mobility work in the work and nothing works faster than these to turn that stuff on.
Celtic Sea Salt + BCAA Powder + Glyco-Charge/Waxy Maize — this the ultimate cramping cure we play in very hot weather (sometimes up to 110F) and cramping is very common. When I put this concoction into play I never cramp and I usually have more than enough ‘go‘. Plus with the waxy maize as opposed to other sugars it is very easy on the GI tract.
Tens Unit — whether it is a bad back or dicey shoulders or hamstrings, I happen to have had all 3, these little units are the best and will aid recovery very quickly when used with a lot of ice. I have more than once recovered a moderately pulled hamstring using one of these units and ice to well enough to play levels very quickly.
LaCrosse & Golf Ball — they aren’t very sexy and if you don’t have enough cash to pay for very regular sports massage you need these two little items, with as much running as is done in footy and other field sports the soft tissue of the feet and legs need some TLC. I have spent hours on these units and there always seems to be some more work to be done. The hidden bonus here is that you gain a new level of body awareness.

Troy M Anderson
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