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Video for Gymchat 224 – The Future of Fitness (Roundtable)
Posted By Scott Bird

Thanks again to everyone who watched and took part in the discussion Gymchat 224 – The Future of Fitness (Roundtable) – much appreciated. If you haven’t seen it yet (or simply want to go over a particular point again), here’s the entire video.

It was a great discussion; thanks to Josh Hewett, Chas Melichar, Chris Lutz, Karsten Jensen and Nassim Jebran. Much appreciated.

The topics covered included : Technologies such as Google Glass, Hexoskin shirts, all about ‘Pushing and Pulling‘, the pace of change when learning new skills/tools/methods, always room for more research, optimal use of environment, more/less technological equipment, analysing food using indirect calorimetry, determining VO2max, types of calories, portion sizes in different countries, estimation of caloric needs, health & fitness integration, importance of people being healthy before trainers work with them, long-term nutrition for endurance athletes, definition of health, virtual training partners, benefits of competition, online training technologies and methods, X-Force equipment, artificial gravity resistance, and a whole lot more. Good stuff.
NB : We noted an incredible number of resources in the Gymchat. Here are links to several of the items being discussed :

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