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Why BJJ is Ideal for Kids – Ideal Age, Benefits, and More
Written By : Mike Jones (Elite Sports)
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Brazilian jiu-Jitsu is a light and modern take on traditional Japanese jiu-jitsu. For a very long time, jiu-jitsu was used to discipline kids. In traditional Japanese culture, kids from around the world used to come to isolated mountain schools where they were taught the art of self-defense and fighting.

The kids were required to follow a very tough routine including an early morning rising time along with a very natural and organic diet. Apart from this, these kids were taught different professions and they were taught social skills as well.

Eventually, when the modern civilization came, the traditional Japanese combat schools became numbered, and modern Japanese contemporary schools where kids were taught subjects and sciences came into existence. This is where you will see the depletion of traditional self-defense styles.

As a result, the traditional combat styles were considered violent and kids who used to fight were considered morally corrupt and violent.

Why Should Kids Focus On BJJ?

Eventually, kids were considered a fragile class that needed constant protection. According to a recent study conducted in the USA, more than 150,673 children in the US were abused in 2020 and this number is constantly on the rise since.

Even during the quarantine phase issues regarding the kids and women-centric abuse were on the rise. This means it is high time to offer combat skills to people who seem vulnerable. However, the biggest issue with combat skills is that they always favor the stronger. So, if you are already strong and you have a certain skill set you will be able to control your opponent better.

Even if you are not big, you still need good enough training with a good body built so you don’t end up getting defeated. In BJJ, your skills and technique should be good and this will help you defeat your opponent anytime. This means that even if you are lean, weak, and small in size but your BJJ skills are good, you are more likely to win.

With the help of this article, we will look at BJJ as a combat style that favors children. We will see why it is known to be the best for kids. We will also see the age limit for BJJ training so kids can start practicing at an ideal age. We will further look at the reasons kids should start their BJJ journey and if it is a good way to start a profession in martial arts.

What Are The Myths Attached To BJJ?

Over the years people have started thinking that BJJ is not a good option for kids. This is mainly because mainstream media has portrayed kids and adults using martial arts as a way to escape the authorities. This has also stereotyped people who use martial arts or are skilled enough to easily defend themselves. When it comes to kids, this can even become more challenging because kids in the developmental stage are known to adapt and learn new habits, so anything that is not considered a norm in the real world is not taught to kids. Here are some of the myths that are mainly linked with martial arts that are not true.

Makes People Violent

Violence is associated with martial arts time and gain although experts say that martial arts offer a very good sense of pain. This means that when a child learns how much pressure and how much pain a simple martial arts move can cause, there is a high chance that the child will either avoid it completely or he will learn to use it responsibly.

Results in Injuries

Where there is a fight there is an injury as well. This is pretty common, however, most people simply associate all kinds of martial arts forms with injury. In real life, BJJ causes very less injuries because it doesn’t just include moves like kicking and punching, instead, it focuses on using the power of pressure through chokes and holds to control your opponent.

Promotes Aggression

Anger is mainly linked with martial arts because people think when you live in an environment where you think about tackling others physically, there is a high chance that you will get angrier. On the contrary, experts say that it just offers a simple outlet to you so you can let out th

Promotes Emotional Rage

Most people think that BJJ will help you promote rage. However, BJJ has a very important significance in strategic planning that helps the users to know when and why they should let out their rage without maximum consequences. This helps kids to know how they can contain their emotional rage.

Stunt Growth Due To Intense Workout

This is another very important myth that is linked with martial arts like BJJ. Most people think that intense workouts will stunt growth. However, experts say that staying active will help kids absorb nutrients much better and this will help them grow better and faster

Benefits of Starting BJJ Journey as a Child

As a child when you start learning new skills, there is a high chance that you will be able to learn how to effectively use your body. However, there are so many ways it impacts your body and lifestyle as well. Here are some of the ways it will impact the life of a child.

Improves Absorption of Nutrients

Absorption of nutrients is only possible if you stay active and you live a life that promotes a healthy living style as well. Since the blood slowly becomes easy, there is a high chance that you will have stronger bones and better overall health.

Helps with steady blood flow

Better blood flow is very important for healthy living. With the help of BJJ training, your child will have easier nutrient absorption and this will help in keeping all the organs healthy as well.

Helps In Burning More Calories

With an active lifestyle, your child will be able to eat anything without the calorie count. BJJ workout is very intense so your child will be able to burn a lot of calories that will help in keeping extra fat away from the body and if your child is overweight this will also help in reducing the weight.

Promotes Healthy Living

Healthy living is not just limited to an active lifestyle but also healthy eating habits and overall sleeping and working as well. If your child doesn’t choose low calories and healthy food, you can start with the BJJ. This will help your child to learn how to accept and choose healthy living. You will also see that his eating habits are improving and he is working better as well.

Helps Decision-Making and Problem Solving

Kids from an early age are taught to memorize things and not deal with real-life decision-making. As a result, when they are asked to make a decision they usually become very confused. However, BJJ training involves a lot of decision-making and problem-solving processes. If your child learns these strategies he will eventually get better in real-life situations as well.

Improves grades

As a child, society expects everyone to perform well in school. This is only possible if your mind and body stay healthy. With the help of a good workout, you are stimulating your mind through better oxygen density and more nutrients. This will help you keep your mind and body healthy so that you can perform better in school.

Is There An Ideal Age Limit For Kids In BJJ?

When it comes to ideal age, there is no certain age limit for BJJ. If a child wants to learn BJJ and has a passion, there is a high chance that he will be able to learn faster. However, it is better to start the training after the age of five.

This is mainly because till five years old children are still learning to improve their motor skills. In case you start the training earlier than five you might see improvement however, there is a high chance that the child will change the moves once his motor skills become firm and better.

A simple example of this is that children learn to write at a very young age even before their motor skills have developed fully. However, as they start to grow and their skills become better, there is a high chance that their writing skills will improve and this will eventually impact the way they write.

After five years of fully developed motor skills, they will be able to learn how to use their body effectively and how they can work on learning new skills as well.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to the way you train your kids. Even as a child you might show interest in self-defense however, there is an ideal age for martial arts as well. Although most parents don’t feel like getting their kids involved in BJJ is a good idea because we have seen people associating combat training with violence.

However, experts say that combat training makes kids much more responsible because they can responsibly use their skills. Another important thing is that they know, how and when they will be using their skills and since they know the price of pain, they will be able to see what to do as well.

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Written By Mike Jones (Elite Sports)
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