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Earth 2.0 (Jump Rope System)

Looks great.

Stemoscope PRO (Wireless Stethoscope with in-built Noise Cancellation)

Looks great.

CTRL (Personalized Golf Training Tool)


Hela Bio (Wearable Sweat Glucose Smartwatch)

Looks great.

Looking At : Oct 25, 2020

During the past week we've discussed a number of great links; on Facebook, Twitter, in The Daily 'Paper' and so on. Here are a few of my favourites.

STUDIO (Smart Hub For Your Home Gym)

Interesting approach.

Intriex (Metabolism Tracking Device)

Very interesting idea.

Apple Watch Series 6 - Sports & Fitness Hands-on Tests (DC Rainmaker)

The latest generation of the Apple Watch was officially launched the other day, and the reviews have been steadily trickling in ever since. My favourite so far - this one by DC Rainmaker.

Move It Swift (Smart Boxing Gloves)

Interesting idea.

POUCHPASS (Constant Temperature Monitoring Wearable)

Looks great.

OYO Nova Gym (Portable Training Equipment)

Nice and heavy.

LMP S2 (Reusable Protective Face Mask)

Nice one.

Garage Gym Build & Tour (Brian Alsruhe)

A great way to help deal with things - building an impromptu home gym.

CalfPRO (Leveraged Calf Stretching Tool)

Looks great.

Huami Amazfit X (Curved, Fitness-Focused Smartwatch)

Promising indeed.

HoloGear (Holographic Glowing Sports Gear)

Interesting idea.

The Straight to the Bar Guide To Training at Home

Stuck at home for a while, and looking to get the occasional workout in? Here's how.

Jself (Massage Pillow)

Looks great.

Vie Zone (EEG earphones)

Interesting idea.

Echelon Row (Rowing Machine With Connection To Virtual Classes)

Interesting combination.

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