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Using DIY Strongman Equipment with Clients (Alan Thrall)

Very interesting area (and yes, I agree entirely).

Ultimate Masters World's Strongest Man 2011

Great competition.

Road to Strong

Its only 110kg per hand.

TGIF : weekly round-up (WE Fri 1 May 09)

The 'Hula Hoop' Squatting Circle.

Human Link vs Truck Pull

Czech Strongman Rene Golem Richter.

He Jianma Prepares for Record-Breaking Hair Pull

Should be great.


Love the truck pull/push combination at the start.

1 Mile Truck Pull

John Brookfield and Jon Bruney.

Ben Hanson

Photo via Athlete Resource Center

Truck Pull Simulator

Very interesting push/pull combination.

Golf Cart Pull

No truck? No car? Try pulling a golf cart.

Arm Over Arm Truck Pull

Loooking for a challenge?

Lonny Fehr Truck Socks!

What do you do when your shoes come off in the truck pull? Keep on going.

Incline Truck Pulls

Up for a challenge?

(Fire) Truck Pulling

James Bjerregaard at the Lone Star Showdown 2008.

TGIF : Weekly Round-up (WE Fri 26 Oct 07)

What we were talking about this week.

Superhuman Strength - The Truck Pull


Glossary - Strength Training Equipment

What does it all do?

Derek Boyer

Shifting a 70 tonne road train.

Fatbacks Strongman 2006

Come and say hello.