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Backyard Bastard Bash 2007

Great competition.

Blog Action Day

Get ready for an interesting ride.

From the Archives : Bruce Lee's Back Injury

What really happened?

Fedor Emelianenko - The Last Russian Emperor

Good stuff.

From the Archives : Biphasic Sleeping

The transition to this superb method of sleeping.

Jeff Martone demonstrates some kettlebell juggling

Via MarkFu : Jeff Martone demonstrating some kettlebell juggling. Always great to watch....

48 Hours To Go

Signed up for next month's Virtual Meet yet?

Oxygen in a Can

For those days when it's just too much work to open a window.

Sleep More for Better Performance

Interesting research.

It's Back.

The Virtual Meet Community, that is.

Straight to the Grip Contest: Pt II

The grippers themselves.

Sleep and Testosterone

Yep, there's a connection.

Glossary - Strength Training Equipment

What does it all do?

Biphasic Sleeping Update

A few things I've noticed lately.

Fuel and Rest

What, why and how.

Biphasic Sleep : 30 Day Summary

The transition to this superb method of sleeping.

Biphasic Sleep : Day 27

Once again I woke up before the alarm (by about 30 minutes this time); however I decided to roll over and go back to sleep. When the alarm sounded I wasn't sleeping terribly deeply, and getting out of bed wasn't...

Biphasic Sleep : Day 20

Serious bedhead. Judging by the way I feel there were no more than 3 hours of decent quality sleep in that 4.5 hours. That isn't too bad - although this afternoon's squats should be interesting. Following nap One of the...

Biphasic Sleep : Day 7

The experiment continues.

Hormonal Optimization Through Sleep

Automatic drinking. Perfect.

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