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Leg Press Machines

Despite making a few negative remarks in the past concerning a reliance on machines, my dad's current interest in adding a leg press to the home gym coincides nicely with a podcast on Bud + Nancy's Muscle Ventures site. The...

Tate talks Hypertrophy

Very interesting interview with Dave Tate over on T-nation (part 1, part 2). He covers a range of topics, but of particular interest were the last two in the piece - considerations when buying a good quality rack, and setting...

Bruce Lee : The Art of Expressing the Human Body

Wonderful book.

Next Year

It seems to be the appropriate time of year for goal-setting (usually thinly veiled as New Years' Resolutions). A few of the things I'd like to improve over the next few months : Quality of sleep. I suspect this would...

Bruce Lee's Back Injury

What really happened?

Fighting Colds the Natural Way

Major illness = serious medical advice. For minor illnesses though...


My diet has improved again over the past few weeks, largely resulting from suggestions in The Optimum Nutrition Bible (with subsequent research elsewhere). These include : Further reduction of caffeine and alcohol (approx 5 cups coffee per week, 10 alcoholic...

Re-Entering the World of Fitness

The journey begins.

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