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Silence for Intense Workouts

The quiet before a storm.

Tearing A License Plate

Tear it up.Ever wanted to have a go at tearing a license plate in two?

Relaxation and Athletic Performance

Relaxed. Photo by Filip Kwiatkowski.As I discovered when I tried listening to soothing music in the gym, being relaxed really can aid athletic performance. Over to the New York Times....

TGIF : weekly round-up (WE Fri 10 Oct 08)

Snapped.Another great week here on Straight to the Bar. The highlights :...

Bulking : Train Hard and Eat a Ton?

Definitely something to think about.

500 Reps of Torture

My goal was to get this workout done in under twenty minutes, and now I'm at the 35 minute mark. What to do?

The Bannister Approach to Goal-Setting

Bannister in the lead.Got a new piece up at The Change Blog - Change Your Thinking, Change Your Fitness. Goal-setting the Roger Bannister way.

Blast from the Past : Stone Training

Got stones?

The History and Future of Standard

Intense bursts.

Progressing to the Regression

Everyone wants to snatch.

Fundamentals of Leg Kicks

Ready to get started?

Mind Armor

Building a mind to match your body.

Bergen Gathering 2008

Via FlipCatch : tricks and flips from this year's Bergen Gathering.

From Losing to Lifting

An incredible journey.

Bare-Handed Nail Driving Basics

Ready for a serious challenge?

Movie Review : Bigger, Stronger, Faster

Is it still cheating if everybody's doing it?

Why Bend Steel?

Looking for a way to increase both strength and power? Great.

Eyesight - The Extra 1%

A great read.

Progressions for Unbraced Short Steel Bending

Love bending and looking for progressive, injury-free training? Adam explains the sequence.

7 Reasons to Start Bending Nails

Time for the crushdown.

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