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Fuel and Rest

What, why and how.


On September 23rd in London's Battersea Park is a fun-run with a decidedly environmental flavour : the Tree-athlon. Everyone who competes in the 5km run is given a potful of seeds to help green the city. For those living a...

Core Blimey!

Ignoring the claims of infomercials everywhere, core work involves more than a daily set of sit-ups on a fitness ball. In the first of two-part article Core Statics [.pdf, 961kb], the Diesel Crew's Smitty discusses the training of various core...

Weight Training and Bodybuilding - Dr Franco Columbu

Excellent resource.

AMP Interview with Jay Cutler

Interesting indeed.

The Bodyweight Guys

Extremely creative.

Weekly Round-Up : Too Many Boxes, Hindu Squats And Dead Bugs

Busy week.

I Love the Smell of Coffee in the Morning

Quality, not quantity.

Soothing Music and a Handful of New PRs

Relax, breathe deeper, perform better.

Dr Franco Columbu : The Bodybuilder's Nutrition Book

Incredible resource.

It's All About the Diet

The primary goal is weight gain.

Buying Fish in Supermarkets

How to find the good stuff.


Following the many sets/low reps mentality of my current deadlift training, I began today's session with a bit of explosive benching. After completing the first few speedy sets (with the shoulders beginning to warm up) I interspersed some standing L-Flyes....


Slow death of a hard disk.

Westside Dead Lift Secrets

The importance of the fundamentals.

Phase 1 Summary

The first 12 weeks of resistance work.

Weekly Summary

Bike, Free Weights and a little Ab Work.

Hack Squat

Superb exercise.

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