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Gymchat 172 - Combat Athletics : Getting Ready for the Fight

Preparing to battle it out.

Quael dich, du Sau! (Talent Alone Means Nothing!)

The value of putting in the work.

A Word of Advice for Training : The Importance of Fundamentals

Understanding the basics.

What is the Best Time to Work Out?

When to hit the gym, and why.

Welcome to the Gymchats IV : 137 - 156

Over the past few months we've had some superb discussions on Google+ : thank you all. It really is fantastic to hear your ideas and techniques on such a wide variety of training topics.

Is It All Worth It?

Time to shine.

Developing your Own Training Routine for Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts is such an intensive fitness activity in terms of both physical and mental exhaustion that one has to train extensively in a number of areas in order to be adequately prepared. One has to have incredible endurance, enough at least to stay up and alert at all times. Being able to aptly utilize brunt force is also a huge advantage, so one has to be able to strengthen his body to such a level that he can draw said force, and not only that, but he must learn to concentrate well enough to focus that force on a particular target. If you're enticed by the allure of Mixed Martial Arts and want to prepare yourself for the action by following an all-inclusive regimen to get your body up to speed, you'll need to do more than just train for the matches themselves. You'll need to amplify the strength and durability of your own body and mental state, and to do that you'll have to incorporate several different strategic areas into your training routine.

A Critical Analysis: Reaction Ball

Very interesting tool.

Getting to Know : Personal Trainer Vic Magary

Inspirational guy.

3 Things You MUST Know About Sandbag Training

The essentials.

Psychological Training in the Gym Part 2

This article is kind of the second step in mental training for competition in sport or anything you pursue. In my first article I touched base on how to train your mind through the use of training spaces. This practice eventually conditions the mind to amp up to optimal intensities in whatever setting you train it to be active in. Once you learn to achieve this first step you can learn to apply it to any scenario in life. Also in order to build off of this I will now introduce you to the mind set and belief of mental and physical excellence. The principle sounds simple, you have probably heard it a million times before, but not many people buy in and choose to actually believe and live in this power.

The Bulgarianization Experiment

Time for a little experimentation.

Psychological Training in the Gym Part 1

Training Space.

Lift Fast, Lift Strong

The benefits of lifting fast.

The Dragon Flag

Ready for a challenge?

Thomas Topham : The First Modern Strongman

Where it all began.

Resources for Twitterchat 106 - Recovery : Improving Monophasic and Biphasic Sleep

Maximize recovery, improve performance.

70 of the Best : 7 Years of Straight to the Bar

This site - Straight to the Bar - has been around for an incredible 7 years (the first post was on Jan 17th, 2004), and to say I'm grateful is a gross understatement.

Thank you.

Motivation for Training

Get your head right.

Five Reasons to Start Bending Nails

Ready to begin your nail bending journey?

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