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Must Have Tools and Equipment for the Field Sport Athlete

This is an accompaniment to Twitterchat 97 - Training for Football : AFL.

How to Get Your Gym on the Map

Want more clients for your fitness business?

Why Conditioning is King

What exactly is conditioning? Should you be doing some? Over to Dean.

Three Technique Corrections for Tearing Your First Deck of Cards

Ready to get tearing?

Checklists and Complex Problems

A simple approach to solving complex problems, like designing a fitness program.

Diesel Steel Bending Basics

Ready to get started? Great.

Jaw Lifting : What, Why and How

How to do it the Right way.

Book Review: Strength Training Anatomy, 2nd Edition

Find out what's really going on.

Innovative Training : Band Suspended Weight

Not just for bench.

An Overview of Velocity Training

Frank DiMeo (left) and John Brookfield.Considering giving Battling Ropes a test? Excellent.

Pleasure Spiked with Pain : Training for the One Finger Lift

With certain feats comes the assurance of pain. And a challenge.

5 Ways to Maximize Your Workout

Squat.How do you make the most of your time under the bar? Joe has a few ideas.

The Power of Hindsight

A few things I've picked up over the years.

Sarah Outen

Rowing solo across the Indian Ocean.

Outdoor Fitness: Log Flippin'

A great way to train.

Understanding Your Training Operating System

How your beliefs about training can impact your results.

Unusual Goals Require Unusual Measures

How do you train for something like that?

Maintaining the Balance

A little of each.

The Hardest Thing

Thinking about the hour ahead. Photo by Roy Scott.Do you have the mental fortitude to stop when it hurts?

The Bodyweight Aficionado's Guide to Gear

A few extras that can add a whole lot of possibilities.

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