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More Detail

Following on from a couple of comments over on The Reinvention Tour, here is a little more detail on my current diet.

The First Year

From zero to 'healthy obsession'.

Lying down again

This time at least it's on the bench, under the comfort of a loaded barbell. It's good to be hitting the weights once again. I've decided to switch the training routine back to the 3 day approach; following the pattern...

Squatting and Stretching

Beginning to feel less painful.

Walking Out

Reducing the number of steps.

Firing up the Forearms

Various curls and a bit of gripper work.

The Second Time

An enforced training break - for the weekend at least.


Elbow flaring in action.

Finding a Balance

Cleaning up.

Water, Water Everywhere

Last night was the first real opportunity to hit the weights again, and it was back to the 16 wheels of fun at my parent's house. Working with a machine (rather than free weights) still feels unusual, but certainly much...

Sweating Like Roasting Hams

Phew. There's a rather large pool of sweat slowly drying on the floor here; largely resulting from the extreme humidity at the moment. With an appropriate measure of cool water on standby, I followed the same routine as last week; albeit at a much faster pace (the other major factor in the pool of sweat) and with shorter rests between sets. This was the hamstring-burning combination of box squats, romanian deadlifts, seated good mornings and the ever-popular GHRs (with push-up assistance). If the soreness following last week's session is any indication, tomorrow should be a lot of fun.

Hands and Forearms

After what feels like a month without training, I decided to test the waters with a short hand/forearm session. Quite possibly inspired by the number of Bruce Lee films I've seen lately. First off the rank was fun in the...

Fighting Colds the Natural Way

Major illness = serious medical advice. For minor illnesses though...


The comforts of lifting at home.

Raining Again

When I woke this morning I was acutely aware of the usual signs of a cold announcing its arrival; the sniffling, dreariness and an overall desire to simply roll over and go back to sleep. This seems to be the...

Phase 1 Summary - Health

My diet has changed substantially over the past 12 weeks, and the corresponding improvements in overall health are starting to appear. The major changes were : Alcohol consumption has been reduced from a ridiculous 10-15 drinks per day, to around...

Daily Diet

The sorts of things I currently consume.

Tagine of Chicken

Based on a traditional Moroccan dish, this is a great dish for cold winter nights. Preparation time isn't too bad, however allow yourself at least an hour for it to cook. For chicken Large chicken, cut into 8 2 small...

Pumpkin Soup

Another great winter warmer.

Onion and Ginger Soup


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