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UFC 77 Musings and Spoilers

What it was really like.

The Body Bottle

Interesting idea.

Thoughts on Climate Change

This post is for Blog Action Day - find out what the day's all about. We'll wait right here for you. The writers here at Straight to the Bar have their own opinions on climate change (several are listed below)....

7 Steps to Getting Rid of your Household Waste

I want to get rid of x - where does it go?

A Singular Workout

A great read.

Maximum Recruitment Training

Great read.

From the Archives : Starting Your Fitness Journey

Get going the right way.

Another Look At 2 Green Tea Studies

Certainly not a miracle cure, but there are health benefits aplenty.

From the Archives : DIY Gym Equipment

There's something inherently satisfying about building things yourself.

From the Archives : 8 Cups Per Day

Where? Why?

Underwater Treadmill

Perfect for very light recovery sessions.

TGIF : weekly round-up (WE Fri 17 Aug 07)

A great week here.

Inexpensive floor protection

Protecting the gym floor's something I've been considering a bit lately; particularly as it's winter here and several of the usual outdoor items are currently indoors. I'm still trying to track down a waterproof mat that's occasionally used on...

Blowing Up A Hot Water Bottle

There are some strength feats that can never be seen too many times; and this is definitely one of them.

Southern California Aquatics

Southern California Aquatics is the blog of swimmer Tony Austin, who competes for the SCAQ Swim Club. Very interesting indeed....

An Extra Dose of Muscle Mass

Chad Waterbury sets up a great trio of mass-building articles on T-Nation this week, with the lines : Raise your hand if you don't want more muscle mass. Anybody? Yeah, that's what I thought. If you find yourself nodding sagely...

Conditioning Without Trying : Walking the Dog

A personal favourite.

Tom Hafey : 75 and Still Going Strong

Tom Hafey is an amazing man.

Real Fast Fat Loss

The training side of things.

Starting Your Fitness Journey : 10 Things to Consider

Ready to transform yourself? Perfect.

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