Giving : It's a Charity Thing

In the Goals & Goal Setting gymchat we discussed our goals for the year; as well as various ways to set them. A fascinating conversation.
Although I didn't go into detail into the ones that fall outside the bounds of 'fitness & health', one of my own is to increase awareness of and support for various charities. One of these was noted in the post The Power of Transformation - Kiva.

Of course, we've mentioned several other charities over the years. The full list :

NB : Many of these groups are on Twitter. You'll find the full list here :

And if there are any you'd like to see added, just send me a tweet.

Of course, there are also many, many fitness-related fundraising events on the calendar each year. These offer a unique way to donate money, as typically you sponsor one of the athletes or teams involved. Examples include the MS Mud Run, the OXFAM Trailwalker and the Alzheimer's Society Himalayan Trek.

And if you'd like to help support Straight to the Bar itself - thank you! - you can do that here :

Cheers. It really is appreciated.

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