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There are a number of ways to get your regular fix of Straight to the Bar, including the many feeds & newsletters listed below. Whether you’re after a general overview or a detailed inspection of a particular area, we’ve got you covered :

Roman Food at the British Museum

Roman Food at the British Museum. Photo by vintagedept.




Newspaper Vendor, Glasgow

Newspaper Vendor, Glasgow. Photo by zoetnet.
  • The Strength & Fitness Newsletter
    This is the easiest way to keep up with the world of strength. It’s a weekly newsletter (delivered each Monday), containing highlights from the blog, details of upcoming gymchats, exercises, tips and a whole lot more.
  • The Straight to the Bar Daily
    A daily dose of the various things (generally fitness-related) we’re talking about in the Straight to the Bar community. Grab it here.
  • The Better Sleep Nightly
    I’ve been fascinated by sleep for as long as I can remember. Here’s a daily dose of tips & research into this wonderful area.
  • Leave it in the Ground
    On Straight to the Bar we talk a lot about air pollution, primarily from a gym-owner’s perspective. This newsletter looks at the topic far more broadly – the gradual move away from the use of fossil fuels : Leave it in the Ground
  • Electric Cars in Australia
    Diving in to the area of air pollution a little deeper, we take a look at a great way to help reduce it – with electric cars (in Australia in particular). If you’re considering an EV or would just like to learn a little more about air pollution & health, swing by.


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Twitter Lists

In addition to the various feeds & newsletters above, I use Twitter’s ‘List’ functionality to sort and maintain information on a number of topics. In particular :

As well as the lists on various training-centric topics, I also use them to help keep an eye on other interests – electric cars, photography and so on. You’ll find the full list here.