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I love these discussions. Fantastic ways to learn about strength-training from the people who are doing it constantly.

Helping us to spread that passion are the various sponsors listed below. All of them help us do what we do; and notably, they’re all hand-picked – they produce many of the products & tools that we use ourselves, and are highly recommended. If you see their name below, you know they’re worth checking out.


Over to the list. Taking pride of place is a company I’ve been dealing with for several years now, following an email from Unbreakable‘ Adam Glass. StrongerGrip.

If you’re serious about obtaining an obscenely strong grip, StrongerGrip’s grip tools are second to none. Incredible things.

To give you a taste, here’s a quick video showing StrongerGrip’s own Modular Grip System (MGS). Over to Ryan :


The Rotater

Next up, the makers of a product I’ve been using for years; following my fair share of shoulder abuse an injury. The Rotater.

Again, here’s a little video to give you an idea of what it’s all about :

The Diesel Crew

Thirdly, the guys at The Diesel Crew. Not only are they great guys to work with (they’ve posted a number of articles on Straight to the Bar if you want an idea of what they do), they produce some incredible educational packages. Books, DVDs, online courses and a whole lot more.

Once again, a spot of video. This one introduces their magnificent Hammering Horseshoes DVD :

Fat Gripz

Finally, a spot of fat bar work courtesy Fat Gripz. If you’ve never seen them, Josh shows what they are and how they work in the following video (part of an excellent look at grip work in general – well worth checking out). In short, they make each lift a little more challenging. Good stuff.

As you can see, we’re big fans of anything that helps you to become obscenely strong – and stay that way. Love it.

Want even more? No problem. Grab the free Strength Kit, or perhaps take part in one of the weekly Gymchats. If it’s in the world of strength-training, we’ll be talking about it.