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They seem to be everywhere – Smart Home Gym setups, connecting various devices to virtual fitness classes. Fast, convenient and ideal for small setups. Perfect. To give you an idea of what I mean by a ‘Smart Home Gym‘, here’s an example – The Tonal, as reviewed by Garage Gym Reviews :
Stuck at home for a while, and looking to get the occasional workout in? Here’s how.

Smart Home Gym Setups

As you can see, it’s ideal for use in a small space. And yes, there are many such systems available. We’ve noted quite a few in the Smart Home Gym‘ category, and here’s a brief list to give you an idea :
NB : If Twitter’s your thing, I’ve put together a list of the various ‘smart home gym‘ companies noted above. You’ll find it here : .

Final Thoughts

A Smart Home Gym – an incredibly handy way to train.
I sincerely hope these items help. If you’ve still got questions – or would like to point us to a particular piece of equipment/service, feel free to contact one of the trainers noted above or hit me up directly (all of the details are on the contact page). cheers, Scott