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Want to take your conditioning and grip sessions up a notch? Throw in a bit of rope work. Love it.

What to get

The equipment is pretty simple – a long, hefty rope. I personally use the original Battling Ropes kit, which is ideal for this sort of work. It contains a whopping 50′ length of rope (I use the manilla, but polyester ropes are also available) and the Challenge DVD to show how to use them. Superb.

Alternately, the ropes can be bought by themselves (in different thicknesses and lengths), as well as various training manuals and DVDs. Whatever combination you’re after, it’s here.

In terms of space, the workouts require a long, narrow area with a heavy object at the far end (to put the rope around). A tree or sturdy pole is ideal.

If you’re training indoors, just use a slightly shorter area and wrap the rope around the rack. You’re ready to go.

What to do with it

There are many, many ways to train with battling ropes. Here are a few of my favourites :

Where to find out more

There’s actually quite a bit of info (both online and offline) available on ways to train with the Battling Ropes, including :

Final thought on training with the Battling Ropes

If you thought you were in pretty good condition before, try the Battling Ropes. That’ll really crank things up a notch.

Love ’em.