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What’s black, comfortable and helps you out in the gym? A Straight to the Bar t-shirt of course.

Let me explain how.

For a regular companion in the gym, your clothing doesn’t get anywhere near as much credit as it should. Not only does it help keep you warm and give you the ability to move freely, it helps the sweat to escape from your skin and away from the work area. Enables you to focus on the lift, not your shirt.

At least, that’s the theory.

Most t-shirts will help keep you warm, and – if they’re the right size – will let you move freely. As for helping the sweat escape though, that’s another story.

The Straight to the Bar t-shirts have built-in moisture management. That means that when you sweat, it’ll be quickly taken away from the area; so you can push yourself even harder, without worrying about pools of water building up. In short, it’s far more comfortable to train in.

To show you what they’re like, here’s a quick clip of Josh Hanagarne – better known as the World’s Strongest Librarian – in action. As you can see, these are ideal for either indoor or outdoor training, whether you’re in the home gym, a commercial facility or at work.

NB : the shirt in the photos and video is the ‘Got Yoke?‘ design, which you can grab here. And if you’d like to send us a photo or two, just upload it (or them) somewhere and send us a link. Cheers.

Finally, I’d love to see (and hear) how the t-shirts help with your own training. Once yours has arrived and you’ve started putting it to work, drop us a line and share your experiences. Look forward to hearing from you.

Until then,
train hard