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Fighting Colds the Natural Way
Posted By Scott Bird
UPDATE 1/09/14 : As you’d expect, something like diet is constantly being fine-tuned. Although much of it’s the same, I now have a ‘modified Paleo‘ approach and avoid things such as dairy, pasta & crackers entirely.



Since I stopped relying on medication for relatively minor illnesses (such as colds) I have noticed that they are of a greater intensity, over a shorter period of time. I would much prefer to suffer for a couple of days than feel less-than-perfect for a week or more.
The phases are the same, with the only difference being the way in which I respond to the symptoms.
The phases are :

# Name Major symptoms Duration
1 Initial signs Partial loss of voice / sore throat 12 hrs
2 Beginning slight weakness / partial loss of voice / sore throat 12 hrs
3 Major signs slight weakness / sore throat / sneezing / occasional coughing 24 hrs
4 Fighting strong weakness / sore throat / running nose / high temperature 24 hrs
5 Survival strong weakness / running nose / wheezing 24 hrs
6 Clearing slight weakness / drying nose 12 hrs
7 Recovery slight weakness 12 hrs

Throughout these phases, I respond by :

  • avoiding alcohol, caffeine (other than small amounts found in some teas), sugar, dairy products, smoke-filled environments
  • reducing consumption of meat and soy products
  • increasing daily supplementation of Vitamin C from 1750mg to around 6250mg (spread throughout day)
  • increasing consumption of water, fruit juice (such as the pineapple, orange and ginger concoction pictured) and herbal teas
  • cleaning all clothes, towels and bed sheets more frequently than usual
  • increasing rest – I generally sleep 4-5 hours per night, and this may increase to as much as 12-14 (of reduced quality due to high temperature and poor breathing)

I particularly avoid the use of medications of any kind (during this period specifically – not all the time), and generally do not seek additional medical advice. I tend to eat less – although more frequently. This generally takes the form of fresh fruit, soups, rice crackers and simple pasta meals.
Notes for next time :
As much as I would like to think that staying healthy will prevent the dreaded cold from ever making a comeback, that’s somewhat unlikely. My aim now is to reduce the frequency, severity and duration (by at least 24 hours) of attacks.
A major part of this is to strengthen the immune system immediately following the most severe phases of the illness; the time when you feel well enough to return to life-as-usual but are not yet back to full strength.
During this period I still avoid anything mucus-forming (notably dairy products), and eat mainly hot (yang) foods such as chili, garlic, ginger, honey, onions and a small amount of red meat. Soups such as the tasty, light and cleansing Chicken and Ginseng Soup (a personal favorite, whether ill or not) are also good.

Incidentally, if this has got you thinking about your own diet, you might like to swing by Fantastic site.

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