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Basic Meal Plan : An Update
Posted By Scott Bird

Recently John asked how the new meal plan is going. Here’s a little more information.
It’s now been just over a week on the new planned diet. I’ve been using this week to simply get used to eating to a plan – testing my ability to adhere to a plan before I begin tracking progress.
This first week has highlighted a few things.

  • I’ve stopped drinking (for the time being at least) – largely because alcoholic drinks aren’t on the plan, so I never buy them, and rarely even think of them. It does mean no more coq-au-vin for a while, but the other ingredients are probably much worse than the wine 🙂
  • I’ve also stopped consuming caffeine – green tea and coffee were the two main offenders, and I’ve simply replaced them with caffeine-free herbal teas or just water. With the higher protein intake in this diet, I’ve been drinking a lot more water anyway.
  • No more snacking. I still have a tendency to forget to eat when I get busy (and then cram a couple of meals together), but it’s getting better over time.
  • The protein shakes on non-workout days need a bit of thought. If I’m not working out, I tend to favour real food – usually something like the turkey+spinach roll from elsewhere on the plan. On workout days the shakes are fine.

Tomorrow I’ll begin noting bodyweight changes (every two weeks) – the primary goal is to bulk up to 100kg (225lb) without putting on a load of fat. I suspect I’m about 82-84 at the moment.

Incidentally, if this has got you thinking about your own diet, you might like to swing by Fantastic site.

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