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Lawrence Heffernan
Written By : Scott Bird
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Lawrence Heffernan

Lawrence Heffernan in 1938.

Australian Strongman Lawrence Heffernan whirling a 100lb ball around his head using a neck harness.

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  1. Anthony Crusader

    In 1982 IRONMAN magazine had an article called 50 Feats of Strength. Lawrence Heffernan demonstrating his neck strengrh by permitting himself to be hanged, and this exercise where he had a leather harness that went around his head and under his chin whereby he would whirl a 100 pound ball was in the text without any picture. At 12 years old I wanted to be like that! Eventually I rigged up a harness and 27 pounds is all I will do…15 is better and just work on speed is ideal for me. VIDEO

    • Scott Bird

      Fantastic video Anthony.

      Suspect there are quite a few people here who wouldn’t mind making their own headgear – is that just a modified version of a ‘standard’ head harness? One for slightly lighter neck work? 🙂

      • Anthony Crusader

        Thanks Scott,
        The jarness was the heaviest one I ever found that had a CROSS of 2″ webbing going over my head so that at the center top of my head I had a place to attach a 31″ strap. I had to add 2 chin straps , one coming from the back of my head and one from in front of my ears both to under my chin or the force would rip the harness off my head. In addition my hands are holding the harness down onto my head by the straps that were designed to hold weight in the convrntional manner. 27 ponds is ALOT. The length of the STRAP dictates dwell time of a revolution and centrifugal force. speed makes the bell parallel to the deck while fatigue makes it droop tword the ground. 15 pounds for ZME see,s ideal as can create SPEED and make it like a jelicopter rotor!, Once it droops the exercise shpuld be terminated in my experience because once muscle fatigue has got to that level, connective tissie is doing all the work AND THAT IS NOT OPTIMAL FOR SAFETY.,..THANKS AGAIN , GOD BLESS YOU


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