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The Bradford Press
Written By : Scott Bird
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Bradford PressWhilst looking through a few of the older T-Mag articles the other day I came across a mention of the Bradford Press, one of the less well-known movements favoured by The Renegade himself, John Davies.
The Bradford Press is named for former US Heavyweight lifter Jim Bradford, an olympic lifter, who had a reputation for being able to press any weight he was satisfactorily able to clean. After doing a few sets of these I can understand why.
The exercise looks similar to a Military Press, except that the weight is moved in an arc from in front of the head to behind it; and back again. This manages to work all parts of the deltoids, as well as giving the forearms something to think about. An unusual, but highly effective, movement.
Before I got into these I started with 9 sets of explosive flat bench presses, washed down with a few of the close-grip variety to hit the triceps. After the Bradford presses came a quick upper back session in the form of chinups. Rather than invest in a dipping belt I added plates to a length of heavy gauge chain, which I looped around a normal weight belt. My arms will tire long before the chain/belt combo starts to weaken.
The routine :

Dynamic stretching
Flat bench press (explosive) 9×3@40kg
Close-grip bench press 1×8@20kg, 1×8@30kg, 5×8@40kg
Bradford press 4×10@20kg
Chin-ups 1×10@bodyweight, 1×5@10kg
Isometric stretching

Total time : 54 mins

Final note : I’ve started to notice that I’m naturally beginning to favour compound movements over isolation exercises, which I hope is a good thing overall. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

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