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3 Weeks of Conditioning
Written By : Scott Bird
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For the next few weeks I’ll be operating as a tourist guide, showing my parents some of the UK. The combination of castles, ruined cathedrals and summer sun proved too tempting (photo ops abound). So it looks like a bit of bodyweight conditioning for a while.
The plan I have in mind is essentially a simplified Westside-style split using bodyweight exercises :
Wednesdays (ME Upper Body)
Push-up / Push-up (close-grip) 8×3
Push-up (plyo) / Push-up (band) 3×6
Dumbell row (heavy object) 4×10
Pull apart (band) 3×15
Crunches / V-up 4×10
Fridays (Lower body)
Hindu squat / Hindu squat (sumo) 2×50
Pistol squats / Step-ups / Lunges 4×8
Leg curls (band) / Pull-throughs (band) 4×10
Captains of Crush gripper – 3 sets of max reps each hand.
Paper tearing
On Sundays (Repetition Upper Body)
Push-up / Band push-up
Tricep extensions (band) / Tricep pushdown (band) 3×10
Chin-ups / Pull-ups 4×8
Lateral raises (heavy object) 3×10
Preacher curls (heavy object) 3×10
I’ll be curious to see if there are any benefits with having an active rest over this time. Summary – and possibly a video or two – in a few weeks’ time.

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