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First Week of Workouts on Biphasic Sleep
Written By : Scott Bird


I wasn’t quite sure how the biphasic sleeping thing would impact workouts – at least during the adaptation phase – so I kept to the ‘frequent, short workouts‘ philosophy. This seemed to work out well, and the change in sleeping habits didn’t have any noticeable negative impacts.

In fact, two of the things that have become clear so far (with regard to the biphasic sleeping):
I eat a lot more. Previously there was a solid block of time (as much as 8 hours) without eating (apart from the occasional nocturnal shake), plus an hour or so at each end of this with little or no food. With the longest period of sleep now 4.5 (occasionally 6) hours, this limitation seems to have vanished; breakfast is now earlier, a late supper is now later, and there are more meals inbetween.
Late afternoons / early evenings are now possible workout times. Apart from the fact that it’s really starting to warm up here now, scheduling a deadlift session just before a dose of carbs and a nap just feels right.
As for muscle recovery, general feelings of being alert/sleepy, focus during workouts – the biphasic sleeping doesn’t seem to have changed things at all. Definitely a good thing.

Light bodyweight work.
Hanging knee raise 40@bw
Zercher squat 2×20@40/88, 2×8@60/132
Pull-up 5@bw
Bent row 10@60/132
Bodyweight work.
Triceps raise 2×20@20, 2×10@25
Reverse shrug 2×10@bw
Rack pull (5 holes, dbl o’hand grip) 2×20@60/132, 2×10@80/176, 10@60/132, 2×10@100/225, 2×5@120/264, 10@60/132, 5@140/308, 2@160/352
Chin-up/pull-up superset 5,5,5,5
Total Gym work
Floor press 10×6@20/44, 4×6@30/66, 4×6@40/88, 2×6@50/110
Chin-up 10,10 @bw
Pull-up 10@bw
Bent row 4×10@50/110

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