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Biphasic Sleep Resources
Written By : Scott Bird
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BedA recent comment on one of Steve Pavlina’s forums indicated that the information covering Biphasic Sleep is somewhat lacking. Sadly, it is; these however are good places to get started :


The power of the Sleep Cycle
Glen Rhodes
This is the article that helped to establish by basic sleeping times and their split. Although originally written in 2003, it was updated in 2005 and contains some good information.
Six hours of sleep daily
Eric (Distinct from Ultimate Health & Conditioning)
Eric has recently switched over to a biphasic sleep schedule, and is posting brief updates of the experience on his site.
Biphasic Sleep FAQ
Devin Reams
This covers several of the common questions and answers for biphasic sleepers (Devin follows a similar split to my own).
Cutting out the crap
Joesph Young
Whilst I don’t agree with a couple of statements in this article, the overall ideas are interesting (alternative viewpoints always are). In particular, this strikes me as odd :

Take a step back and realize that if you are to adopt a biphasic or polyphasic sleep system, you are asking yourself to make a HUGE change in your life. I mean HUGE – on par with buying your first house, or deciding to go strictly vegetarian, or even taking care of your first child.

Personally, I didn’t find the change all that dramatic (in a negative way – there were plenty of benefits, and they keep growing all the time). It would surely depend upon the lifestyle of the person making the switch; immediately prior to the change.
In my case, I’ve essentially just lopped a little off the end of my monophasic sleep (I used to wake up around 9am, now it’s around 7am, and moved it to a 75 minute nap start around 7:30pm. The core sleep now begins around 2am; when I was monophasic I started around 1:00-1:30.
However, the article – in fact the entire biphasic sleep category on that site – is still a good read.
Finally, I humbly offer up several of my own pieces on biphasic sleeping :


Glen Rhodes forum
If the abovementioned Glen Rhodes article left you curious, take a wander through this thread on his forums. Some very interesting stuff there.
Steve Pavlina Forums – Health and Fitness
There are many threads on biphasic sleep here – highly recommended. These include :

Other biphasic sleepers

From the abovementioned Steve Pavlina forums, the following people have all made the switch to a biphasic routine and are excellent sources of first-hand information on the subject :

and of course
Scott Bird.
If you have more resources to add to this list (especially studies specifically covering biphasic sleeping), either email me or swing by the forums.

Over to you. Drop us a line on Twitter ( @scottbird ), or add a comment below.



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